We Demand A Development Plan

17 February 2016

The 6th Kyrenia White Regional Ordinance, which was published in the Official Gazette in the past,  has created a new environment for discussion.     We, as the Board of Directors of CTBCA, have taken the following decisions in order to carry our country forward in terms of planning;

  • It does not make much sense to prepare a reconstruction plan to be left only within the boundaries of Kyrenia White Regional Ordinance (Jasmine Court Hotel – Oskar Hotel). The problems of Kyrenia are not only caused by themselves but they use Kyrenia as a center in the surrounding settlements. This is in many ways, education, health, public services, traffic, etc. Have brought negativity to the city.

The whole area between Karşıyaka and Esentepe has been merged and turned into a single settlement area.   The whole region has faced the problems of unplanned.   As Contractors Association, we are demanding the preparation of a single Urban Development Plan from Karsiyaka to Esentepe,  Namely Girne White Regional Ordinance, Girne II Regional Ordinance Emirates regions.

  • To create funds by adding 1 TL on the sales price of cigarette packs in order to create the financial resources necessary for the planning activities. Thanks to this fund, all expenditures for all development plans related to the socio-economic development plans of our country can be covered. We ask that this implementation continues until the plans are prepared and that the development of our country continues with plans.
  • The Urban Development Plan we have requested regarding the Kyrenia White Region shall enter into force as of January 2017. By June 2017, all Kyrenia’s Development Plan should be prepared. We believe that this plan will be prepared with a serious, planned and rapid working process.
  • 55 / 89 The Constitution Act must be amended. The process of preparing the centrist plan which is in the hands of the Urban Planning Department should be abandoned and a transparent, democratic planning understanding should be introduced in which participants, shareholders and decisions are jointly produced.

All the ways to contribute to the preparation of the plans should be opened and people from abroad working in similar countries should be benefited.

  • The renting and distribution of all the public-owned land must be stopped until the plan is prepared and implemented.
  • In case the plan is not prepared at the end of the given period, the ordinances applied in all Kyrenia under 55/89 should be canceled and applied within the framework of Paragraph 96 Law for the Establishment of Roads and Buildings.
  • We request that a decision of the Council of Ministers containing the above-mentioned items be released as soon as possible.


Cyprus Turkısh Building Contractors Association

The Chairman and The Board of Directors