The Legal Procedure to be Followed while Obtaining Building Contractor’s Document

27 April 2016

Dear Member,

The followings are important to obtain ‘’Building Contractor Document’’ which is needed to get ‘’permit-to-work’’ in the scope of Building Control and Vocational Inspenction Applying Principles;

  1. The contractor who is going to do the work should be a registered as a member of the CTBCA and pay the annual dues,
  2. The building class and / or technical class of the contractor must conform to the nature of the work to be performed.

Documents required for application;

  1. Title Deed
  2. Site Plan
  3. Building License
  4. M 01 Map Plan Legend
  5. The contract between the property owner and the contractor according to scope of the contract,
  6. “Building Contractor’s Certificate Form” to be obtained from CTBCA (2 copy)


  1. Applications are accepted by the contractor by filling in the “Building Contractor’s Certificate Form” and depositing the document fee (20 TL).
  2. In case the required documents are incomplete, it is important that the required documents to be completed otherwise the application can not be evaluated.
  3. The Contracting Entity shall be issued in 2 copies. One of the approved documents are delivered to the applicant and the other are kept in the association’s archive.
  4. The company seal must be included in the seal part of the application form.
  5. Building Contractor Certificate applications can be made to CTBCA Lefkoşa Head Office or Famagusta and Girne Branches and documents can be obtained from all our branches.
  6. More detailed information can be obtained from CTBCA Head Office of Development and Urban Planning Department.

Permission authorities that are approved for the implementation of the Building Inspection and Professional Practice Principles:

  1. Nicosia District Administration
  2.  Nicosia Municipality
  3. Famagusta District Administration
  4.  Kyrenia District Administration
  5. Yeni İskele District Administration