Zoning And Town Planning Unit Services

Consultation Services

 Consultancy services on the fields of Zoning and Town Planning are offered by CTBCA at the request of the members.

In case of a member needs support and/or guidance from an expert about a subject related to the field, he/she can contact to the related person and demand consultancy services for the solution.

Contracting Licence

In the framework of the Building Inspection Law, contracting companies are required to submit the “Contractor Licence” obtained from the CTBCA to the relevant authorities at certain stages of a construction work. For the Contractor Licence, application is made by completing the application form together with the required documents and submitting them to the Zoning and Town Planning Department, provided that the following criteria are fulfilled. If the necessary requirements are not met, the application is not evaluated. The applications are examined and, if eligible, the document fee is collected from the member and the Contractor Licence delivered to him/her.

Requirements for the Contractor Licence;

  • Valid membership to CTBCA
  • Payment of the fee
  • A valid Committee registration
  • The contractor must have a “Class Card” qualified for the required building type


In case the contract between the parties is cancelled for any reason and the project is decided to be abandoned or to be completed after the Contractor’s Licence is received and submitted to the relevant authorities and the work is commenced, the contractor must declare the cancellation or completion of the project by lodging an application to CTBCA.

Floor Easement Licence

Within the framework of the Floor Ownership and Easement Law, the contractor must apply to the CTBCA for the “Approval” which must be submitted to the Title Deed and Cadastre Office during the transfer of the floor ownership of the immovable property. Applicants are accepted by the relevant personnel in the Zoning and Urban Planning Department and necessary controls are made. In case the following criteria are met, the document fee is collected and the document is given to the member.


  1. Valid CTBCA Membership
  2. Payment of the Fee
  3. A valid Committee registration
  4. The contractor must have a “Class Card” qualified for the required building type