Our Quality Policy

Our Mission

Providing cooperation and solidarity among companies and related organizations working as contractors in TRNC construction sector and protecting the common economic, social and cultural interests of all of our members, representing them and making every effort to support their development and competitiveness.

Our Vision

To lead the sectoral development as an organization that sees the institution’s principles and processes as a whole and maintains a member-focused, effective and continuous improvement plan, and to ensure that our members achieve the level and quality that they can compete with foreign companies.

Our Quality Policy

  • To provide a sustainable development within the construction sector that is economically efficient, responsible towards the community and respectful to the environment,
  • To work on spreading professional discipline and ethics,
  • To work on increasing the economic power of the association, to use financial and human resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the objectives,
  • To continuously measure and improve service quality we provide with modern management approaches in line with our targets,
  • To attach adequate importance to research and planning in order ensure the future sustainability of the Association,
  • To establish strategic alliances with official and private institutions as well as domestic and foreign organizations in line with common objectives,
  • To improve the motivation and productivity of the employees of the Association and develop their capacities with a human-oriented management approach.