Our Ethical Values

CTBCA gives importance to basic ethical code of conduct that the association’s administration, employees and members must fulfill while performing their duties and professional activities in a trusting and respectful environment  that the contracting industry must possess.

Everyone who works under the roof of CTBCA has the awareness and responsibility of the importance of these values.

By finding the most suitable solutions for the problems of its members and the sector, CTBCA exerts efforts to ensure that the economic efficiency of the sector increases and sustainable development is achieved. In addition it creates proper policies and shares these with its members and official authorities.

It works to develop and spread the principles of work ethic within the sector and ensures that these principles are adopted and implemented by its members.

It improves the communication and solidarity among its members and protects the rights of its members in the best way possible in order to ensure the development of the sector.

It receives the opinions of its members during the regional member meetings; shares the information with its members, reviews the requests and takes common decisions.

When necessary, it shares the opinions, suggestions and policies with the public in the direction of its mission.

CTBCA prioritizes the transparency and accountability towards its members and the society.

It monitors the services provided to its members and avoids delays, double standards and taking sides.  It does not act in a way, which may betray or damage the trust and respect of the contracting profession, or allow for  unfair gain and competition, and ensures that employees act with this awareness and responsibility.

It prepares a healthy work environment for its employees, respects their personal choices, supports their individual development, and offer training opportunities suitable for their profession and duties.

It does not force their employees to conduct illegal acts and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, political views or beliefs during recruitment and employment process.

It creates a vision and ideas about the future of the Association and the sector with its employees and creates an environment where the opinions, critisim and complaints of the employees are listened and evaluated when necessary.

It safeguards the confidentiality of employees’ and members’ personal information and assumes responsibility to protect such information.

It gives importance to obtaining, using and storing the data within the framework of its activities.  It does not use the members’ information against them nor discloses information regarding its members and business partners without their consent or a legal obligation.

The Association and its employees will never accept or permit any gift or any kind of commodity which may affect or encourage a decision, performance, conducting a task and impartiality.

Written petitions made by the members or third parties in the event of a member violating professional ethics and principles and damage themselves consequently are immediately reviewed; necessary investigations are conducted and the most suitable solution is offered.

In order to protect the reputation of the sector, CTBCA members are obliged to ensure that the services they are providing are in accordance with the quality level and conditions required by the contracting profession.  Members do not allow deliberate erroneous conduct within their services and are responsible for their compliance with the law. Despite the attention given, if the society suffers from a matter inadvertently, they show good intentions and provide the necessary efforts to help them recover.

In order to protect and honour the professional reputation and sectoral respectability, the members adopt the professional ethics as professional culture and not as a legal responsibility.

Members of CTBCA attach importance to all legal and labor rights of their employees and provide a healthy and secure business environment in accordance with the Law.