Life in North Cyprus


General Information

Language: Turkish.

Population: 264.172

Capital: Nicosia

Population: 84.893

Other Cities

Famagusta Population: 64.429

Kyrenia Population: 61.192

Morphou Population: 31.568

Trikomo Population: 22.090

Surface Area: 3.355 km2

Currency: Turkish Lira (British Pound, Dollar and Euro are also widely used).


Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus is between 30.33 and 35.41 latitudes and between 32.23 and 34.55 longitudes. The surface area of the TRNC is 3,355 km2.

Turkey is located 65 km north, Syria is 112 km, Israel is 267 km, Lebanon is 162 km east; there is Southern Cyprus and Egypt is 418 km south; Greece is 965 km west of Northern Cyprus.

The total area of the TRNC is 3355 km, equivalent to one third of the island. Approximately half of the island’s coasts are within the borders of the TRNC.

20% of the 45% fertile land that can be planted is irrigated. 20% of TRNC’s general is forested and intensive afforestation program continues.


In North Cyprus, people pay great attention to eating and drinking. In addition, the fact that our country is a very touristic place has led to the development of the restaurant industry. Restaurants that can compete with the world’s most famous restaurants await customers all over the island. The quality of food and service in these restaurants is at world standards. Of course, if we add the unique views of Cyprus mountain and sea, we can say that our restaurants have a distinct place in the world.

In Northern Cyprus, you can find all kinds of cuisines. Classic European cuisine, Chinese and Far East Cuisine, Sushi, Indian, and of course the indispensable Kebab of Turkish Cuisine. If you want to taste the food of the place you visit, you will find plenty of varieties in this regard.