CTBCA was established on 26th May 1979; registered to the District Governorship on 6th June 1979, and started its activities in accordance with the Law on Unions and Associations of the Turkish Communal Chamber (No. 6/1961). Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association has been operating as a union with legal personality for public benefit since 17 March 1998, upon the parliamentary approval of TRNC Republican Assembly of law 18/98.

CTBCA represents the sector on behalf of Turkish Cypriot construction companies and operates its facilities in a way that it preserves the rights of the profession by protecting its members’ benefits. CTBCA is governed by the presidency system by law. The Chairman and the Board of Directors are elected biennially in May by the General Assembly, which is composed of members registered in the association and is the highest decision body of the association. Board of Directors is made up of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, accountant and 6 permanent members including 3 active members and 2 substitute members. The Audit Board which is responsible for the financial supervision of the association, consists of 2 members and the Honorary Board which has the authority to review the complaints and objections conveyed by the Board of Directors and issue various disciplinary penalties in accordance with the Law when necessary, consists of 5 members and they are all elected by the General Assembly.

CTBCA was established to standardize construction activities, to spread/create fair competition, to represent its members in every platform, to lobby in national and international arenas and to provide sectoral development by collaborating with related organizations.

The main activities of the CTBCA to achieve the aforementioned objectives are as follows:

  • To represent the sector about the legal issues related to the construction sector before the Government, to make suggestions, to present opinions on the works being conducted,
  • To actively work to increase the employment opportunities of its members, participate as a sector representative for the solution of the problems which have arised or may arise and take steps to protect the rights of all members,
  • To cooperate with existing and future, domestic and foreign, private and public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, professional organizations, associations, federations, foundations, cooperatives, etc. which are related to the construction sector,
  • To participate and express opinions representing the related field on meetings and missions conducted between public institutions and foreign countries which deal with economical factors,
  • To conduct necessary studies for the members to benefit from foreign investment opportunities,
  • To do all kind of activities to promote the member companies to the foreign investor organizations, invite delegations from abroad as well as send delegations to abroad,
  • To produce publications such as printed magazines, bulletins, newspapers, etc. in order to inform the members about the sectoral developments,
  • To provide counseling services, guidance, assistance, training and seminars for all the topics the members may need.

CTBCA is aware that the key to success is to meet the needs of the members in an effective and timely manner. It diversifies and improves the service spectrum in order to maintain quality and continuous development.