CTBCA Publications

Construction Magazine

Each year, CTBCA publishes a magazine to announce the developments regarding the construction sector to its members, stakeholders and the public.
As a result of our efforts, our magazine is published once a year and in the beginning of each year.


Click for Construction 2016 Magazine.


Databank Booklet

Every year, in order to find out the general situation of the TRNC construction sector and share it with our members, stakeholders and our community with numerical data, CTBCA collects the construction files registered by the District Offices, Municipalities and Zoning Units and provide them to you with the help of tables and graphs.

The Databank Booklet contains tables of regional data, regional changes, various regions and differences in those regions which the construction activities and investments carried out over a year, the number of applications made within a year, how many of them are completed and how many are continuing and their interpretations as a whole.

The Databank Booklet is published in the first quarter of each year.


Click for the Databank Booklet of 2015.