CTBCA and OAK Have Signed a Cooperation Protocol

11 March 2016

In order to protect and sustain the environment and nature in general throughout the island, signatures were signed today for the joint co-operation on the management and recycling of solid wastes from construction, in the interest of both the civil society organization and the two communities.  Cafer Gürcafer on behalf of CTBCA and Petros Evlogimenos on behalf of OAK signed the cooperation protocol which was made to act together with this area during and after the solution process of the Cyprus problem.


As CTBCA, we strongly believe that there will be a solution. After the solution, we are already making preparations to be done.   After the solution, very serious construction waste will come out. We will face very serious problems in the future if we do not carry out necessary studies about the waste recycling. We have been in negotiations since the long term as the Contractors’ Association and OAK. As a result of the talks, we came to the stage of signing this protocol. We are continuing our efforts to take concrete steps with EU support. The problem of solid waste is a very serious problem for both sides and also in the world.   In this area, concrete steps were taken in the South. OAK is an organization that should be appreciated and followed in this regard. We think that working with them will gain a lot for us. We would like to thank OAK for taking such a step in the interests of our island without any condition.




(The Chairman)