Gürcafer: “Occupational Health and Safety Must Become the Primary Duty of Governments.”

05 May 2017

Gürcafer issued a message due to the Week of Occupational Health and Safety on May 4-10. The message is as follows:

“The most important reason why the problems in the country remain unresolved is that the problems are not determined according to their priorities.

The negativities in terms of occupational health and safety also stand as an ever-growing problem as a result of this misconception.

The struggle against this subject does not go beyond just a few fines issued.

Nothing is more valuable than human life and this problem should become the primary duty of the governments as a prior problem to be solved.

In this regard, the system should be created first, and then the whole system should be inspected. Otherwise audits to be conducted on television and in press will not serve anything else but populism.

With this feeling and thought, I hope that May 4-10 the Occupational Health and Safety week will let employees work on safer conditions, and I urge all parties to undertake the responsibility for a healthy and peaceful working life.”


President of the Association

Turkish Cypriot Contractors Association